Cost reduction

Productivity losses can have a serious impact on a business. They are most visible, when the contractual production volumes or quality standards cannot be delivered to the customer. Usually an enormous need for action is the consequence. In these situations, the end justifies the means. Almost no efforts are spared to avoid a client shut down of their production. Easily the costs can increase significantly under these circumstances.

However, the impact is not always immediately visible. Often line managers are not aware of the full problem or that already before a massive customer intervention, the problem might develop into a very critical situation. The reactions to such operational problems are usually far too late.

In a critical situation, financial results underachieve the budget, investments do not deliver the planned ROI and liquidity melts away.

„Over sufficient time, a small leakage can sink a big ship.“

A neutral analysis can help to identify and prioritise the root causes for performance shortfalls, to define effective corrective actions and to set binding objectives. If requested, Completence Operational Consulting will accompany the corrective actions in order to ensure the achievement of the defined objectives.