Virtual site visits

For assessing for example, a production site, personal presence has been an indispensable benefit. This was the only way to make a valid assessment of the processes and installations on site. An assessment purely based on key figures and photos was mostly insufficient. For this reason, thousands of people travel to the places to be visited every year. This practice causes high personnel and travel costs, CO2 emissions and ties up many resources.

In addition, the restrictions during the Corona crisis have shown how vulnerable this approach is to restrictions on freedom of travel.


we have developed an option to carry out a virtual site visit using the 360° technology, in which an unlimited number of people can participate virtually without being physically on site. The participants need nothing more than a standard end device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV or VR glasses).

In case of initial assessments or pre-due diligence processes, you save money, time, effort and CO2-emissions. After that, it can still be decided whether a personal presence is required. You can find an example here.

Please contact us for further information. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.