Operational Due Diligence

The importance of operational due diligence is frequently underestimated. Nevertheless, it is indispensable for a successful M&A process. Whilst the main focus is often on the financial evaluation of the business or the business section to be acquired, it is not unusual for there to be substantial risks hidden in the operational areas.

Confucius realised the importance of carrying out checks when he said “You must check, what people hate; what people love, you must check”.

Typical points to be assessed in an operational due diligence are:

  • Are the production costs considered in the business plan realistic?
  • Were the past maintenance expenditures sufficient to maintain the functional reliability of the buildings and the equipment?
  • Are the maintenance expenditures in the business plan appropriate?
  • Is the business model scalable, where are the capacity bottlenecks and are the capital expenditures planned sufficient to achieve the budget?
  • Can the production volumes considered in the business plan technically be achieved?
  • Are there safety and environment risks in the sector that can jeopardise the entire business model?
  • Do the planned operational improvements appear achievable?
  • How efficient are the operational processes?
  • Are there personnel risks in the operational areas (key-person risk)?

Completence Operational Consulting undertakes operational due diligence in the context of M&A processes.