Completence Operational Consulting supports its clients to find solutions to operational challenges. Based on a qualified analysis, we elaborate together with clients approaches to take, based on our practical experience and knowledge that the solutions are realisable. If requested by our clients, we can actively accompany them during their successful realisation. In this way, we provide solutions that represent a financially measurable return on investment.

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Master of Business and Engineering specialised in production engineering.

Michael is founder and Managing Partner of Completence Operational Consulting GmbH. He has more than 20 years’ management experience in international companies in the automotive and recycling industries. During his career in the industry, he led various manufacturing operations in Europe, Latin America, the USA and Asia. He has extensive expertise in quality, plant and general management. He managed existing domestic and foreign sites through difficult turnaround situations, also has experience with business start-ups. Michael has worked as a Managing Director in Germany, Mexico and Austria, among others. Most recently, he spent 5 years as COO with international responsibility.

As part of his 10 years as a consultant, Michael has also worked as an interim manager and holds advisory board mandates in the industry. His primary focus includes turnaround management, efficiency increases, cost reduction, interim management, compliance, optimisation of business processes, lean management, quality management, operational due diligence and coaching.