About us

Every production business is confronted with avoidable losses along the value chain. Frequent process changes arising from permanently reduced product life-cycles constantly increase the pressure on the production areas. Any business that wants to survive in the ever increasingly competitive global marketplace needs full transparency in order to detect inefficiencies in its operations quickly and to then apply a remedy to urgently fix the root causes of any problems.

If the inefficiencies continue to exist for a long period of time, they can put a strain on the financial results of the business and on customer satisfaction and consequently can jeopardise sales in the long term.

This is precisely the point where the expertise of Completence Operational Consulting can assist you. The reasons for the problems along the value chain can be manifold and in many cases may not be detected immediately. Frequently the issues may be caused by a combination of various deficiencies in the business process and may affect several areas in the enterprise. Very often the increasing international orientation of companies additionally complicates the situation.

Driven by fear, personal interests or maybe just a lack of awareness, in many cases affected departments may show a limited will or capability to provide the required transparency needed to initiate the necessary result-improving measurements. In these cases, an “outside intervention” can be very helpful to create the needed transparency and to introduce the mandatory corrective actions. Completence Operational Consulting can provide this service. We are distinct from most of other consultancies in that we do not just explain to the customer what their problem is, but further we are able to actively participate in the implementation of the defined corrective actions, if requested.

Moreover, also in less critical phases of the company’s development, Completence Operational Consulting is able to identify improvement potentials or actions to take to support business growth initiatives. It is always better to act preventively than correctively. Most business practice inefficiencies and omissions are usually not committed during a crisis, but during the better times.