Turnaround Management

All companies are facing daily challenges. Management is paid to solve them. However, the situation can become critical, if the problems become so big that they overburden the organisation.

Often employees may be so busy with the day-to-day business that they cannot oversee the full extent of the challenges anymore.

“They are so busy chasing the geese that they don‘t have time to repair the fence.“

Line management can find itself in a vicious circle. This situation leads to them misjudging which problems could be solved themselves.

Based on our experience, in many cases no significant progress can be done without an independent analysis. Usually the responsible managers have been under pressure for a long time. They may be so flustered that they do not have the courage anymore to make the needed dauntless decisions. Usually these situations require a temporary intervention from outside the business.

Completence Operational Consulting has years of management experience, and the key staff have been involved in operational management positions in similar situations themselves and have solved many issues successfully.