Be it in a situation of crisis, a business ownership transition, a business succession or the sale or acquisition of a business unit or the entire enterprise, all these situations may represent a big challenge and extra workload for management.

Thus it is necessary in certain situations to temporarily fill a position quickly in order to maintain the business process and to free up the existing management capacties. In many cases, there is the additional necessity to implement significant improvements rapidly. Too often it is forgotten that difficult situations also carry opportunities.

Max Frisch stated: “A crisis can be a productive status, you just have to take away the smack of catastrophy“.

Completence Operational Consulting is able to provide interim managers, who can, due to their experience, step straight into an organisation with practically no bedding-in time until a long-term solution is found.

Our special focus is on operations management functions such as the COO, plant manager, production manager, quality manager, etc.